the most important things in life? good people, good ideas, good pizza. i recently planted myself in the garden that is portland, oregon and am searching for good people to talk to about good ideas, and anyone with a hot tip about a hot slice. feel free to shoot me an email at design@willfain.com.

this site
this is version 2.1 of my website. the original was built in approximately four days while simultaneously learning html and css. pretty much everything you see on these pages was made by my fingers typing jargon into the code editor provided by hostmonster. i don't anticipate making any sweeping changes anytime soon, but i will probably tweak and fidgit with things as i try to get some semblance of uniformity for the sundry browsers.

a special thanks to my grandmother for start-up capital, my housemates for letting me use their computers, and to html dog for being a good reference.